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At a glance

We pay extra attention to each student, parents can easily check student's report with our "Report Mechanism"

  1. Time Card

    With time card parents can check that the child is going to the class or not. On Daily basis the time of coming to the class and the time of going back to home is entered in the time card. Every month a new card is issued to the student.

  2. Monthly Report Card

    We check students understandings, with monthly tests. Each month's last week is the test week, and parents can personally meet to the concerning teachers for the report.

  3. Pre-Board

    After completion of 90% course we conduct "Pre-Board" exams. This is mandatory for each student to gain atleast above 50% marks

  4. Extra-Classes

    After Pre-Board exams if it is requied to give extra classes, college provide free of cost tutions to the student to cover-up the problems.

  5. Class work and Home work

    In each subject teacher gives home work to do thats how the student have the regularity of work practice. It is also cheked daily by the concerning teacher, and in the last week of month all the subject's copies submited to the class teacher for reports.

  6. Filing the Test copies

    Weekly, monthly test's copies have to be filed, so that it can be tracked, that when and which mistakes were taking place. With this it can be easily solved

  7. Double periods

    In Class we provide double periods for English, Maths, Science. Because of this student dont have to go for any tutions.

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